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My Skin Care Routine | Fighting Lockdown Acne

Updated: Jan 5

I know it's bad to say, but skincare hasn't always been a top priority for me. I went through years of my youth blessed with clear skin and quite often I would take my make-up off with only face wipes, I would never use SPF on my face, and I didn't really use moisturiser religiously either...

I then started getting older (who knew that would happen), I started working in London, traveling long hours to work and I stopped taking the pill - this is when my skin started to change. My skin got dryer and I started to develop hormonal Acne around my chin area, which hit me really hard... I'd never struggled with this before, I didn't know any good skincare products and I had zero experience with looking after my skin. I started talking with my hand to my face in meetings to cover my spots, applied concealer multiple times during the day, and I soon developed a habit of picking my face - obviously, all these things were making it worse!

I moved house, and my commute became shorter, my stress eased and it seemed that my skin was getting used to London's air and passing through the hormonal balancing of ending the pill... and then Lockdown happened.

Hands up if your skin went to s**t when Lockdown happened? Same hun, same.

However, it's not all bad news - I used my time in lockdown to try different products, I even tried an Acne prescribed medication which helped but then didn't, so I worked on developing a proper skincare routine that would help me look after my skin properly. At the moment with these products my skin is loads better, besides the natural breakouts here and there - so I wanted to share them with you.

1. La Roche-Posay 50+ Facial SPF

Look at me... using a facial SPF factor 50. Honestly, I gave myself a kick up the bum and got into the habit of wearing SPF on my face, especially under make-up if I'm going outside. When my skin was still bad normal SPF would sting and hurt, especially when I was using the Acne cream. So I found this sensitive facial SPF, it's super lightweight and you can barely notice it's there once dry, which works for me!

2. Elemental Herbology Moisture Replenish Cell Plumping Moisturiser

I was sent this as a sample size in a Birchbox and I loved it almost straight away. Moisturiser was a big one for me as this can really make my skin either thrive or dive. I received the sample size of this at the end of May, and this lasted me until a couple of days ago (early July) and I was using this almost twice a day, morning and night. The smell is gorgeous it's like you're getting a facial at a spa. It also worked really nicely for my skin. I noticed there was a pattern - when I didn't use it, I would break out so of course, I purchased the full-size pot!

3. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm

I'd never really heard of balms, but I had heard about people removing their make-up with coconut oil and I decided to look online. Usually, I would just use my face wash to remove my make-up but when I wear waterproof mascara this proves incredibly difficult... This product dissolves all my make-up, I've even tested it on my waterproof mascara and while it's a little more difficult it comes off easy and it doesn't leave my face super dry which I find some face washes do.

4. Face Halo

A new purchase, usually I would just use a face towel but I was having to wash them so frequently as it was really difficult to just rinse with soap. The face halo is super easy to clean after use with soap and water, and it does remove make-up even without any product. I like to use the Clinique balm and remove it with this, the two together literally remove any dirt or product from my face leaving me completely fresh-faced which is always good for the skin.

5. Huygens Paris Infusion Blanche Organic Face Wash

I don't like putting loads of products on my face as I find that it can make my skin worse. However, I now use this as a second cleanse as I wouldn't really class the balm as a cleanser. This smells incredible and paired with the moisturiser it is literally like stepping into a spa. It's a bit more expensive than high-street brands that I would usually buy however I honestly believe this face wash has been a massive part in clearing my skin. Hands down the best face wash I've used to date.

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